We specialize in Raspados and Mexican treats!

team raspa2jalisco

Opening Raspa2 Jalisco has been a long awaited dream of ours. Right next door, our family has owned and operated Tacos Jalisco since 1996. What better accompaniment to a delicious meal of tacos than some authentic Mexican dessert? The two go hand in hand for a complete dining experience!

Our roots are in Guadalajara, Jalisco and we serve many of the traditional treats that you would find if you were wandering the streets of Mexico- the classic mango on a stick, elote en palo (corn on a cob with all the fixings!) and of course the infamous raspado, to name a few. A raspado is a Mexican spin on the traditional snowcone- loaded up with fruits and homemade syrups! Create your own unique combination by picking your favorite syrup and topping it with ice cream, candy, or any of our other delicious additions. 

We strive to bring a true taste of our culture to the South Scottsdale area. All of our food, from both restaurants, is made in-house and from scratch, using our own family recipes. We can’t wait to serve you and your familia.

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